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Advanced HVAC Training

As part of our advanced HVAC classes, these week long courses focus on the concepts and skills that help HVAC technicians and installers become better at diagnostics, repairs and installation. 

Next Level Series has 5 available topics to choose from. Students can pick and choose which topics they wish to study or take all 5 HVAC classes. Each topic last one week in length and the series rotates through each topic. Start your education at any time! 

Next Level HVAC Classes Available

Each topic is 1-week in length

Refrigeration AC/HP

Learn how to efficiently identify and repair common issues in the refer cycle. Spend a week expanding your knowledge and testing your new skills. *Must be EPA Certified.

Electrical For HVAC

The root of many of your problems! Expand what you already know and learn how these complicated systems operate and effect the HVAC system.

Heating Technology

Dedicate a whole week to learning how to better operate and diagnose furnaces and heaters. Cut back on your service call time!

Installation Technology

Many problems and issues associated with a system begin with the installation of it. Go back to the beginning and learn how to diagnose these issues as it is installed.

Advanced Diagnostics

This topic covers advanced HVAC components and how to better diagnose less common problems. This week is pointed towards Advance Technicians who desire further training.

Upcoming Next Level – Advanced HVAC Courses

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HVAC Technician Training Classes

Get To The Next Level

In Just 5 Weeks!

Our Advanced HVAC classes include next level training that is available at various times throughout the year. These HVAC courses are designed for existing HVAC technicians excited about advancing their careers. Classes run Monday-Thursday from 8am-3pm. Each topic lasts 1-week in length for the opportunity to take all 5 topics for 5 weeks.

We are here to help YOU succeed! All of the tools and resources of our HVAC program are designed for you, the student. Get real, hands-on job training so that you can advance even farther in your career.


HVAC Program training lab

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