Introductory HVAC Training Program

Start your exciting career in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry today. Our hands-on, learn by doing, teaching style will have you joining the workforce in just 12 weeks!

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A student in the HVAC training program practices installing a cooling system

Learn the Fundamentals of HVAC

Designed specifically for beginners and hobbyists excited about starting a promising career in the HVAC industry. Our Fundamentals of HVAC training classes are designed around your long term success. With the option to choose between day or night classes, your HVAC training will give you the flexibility to keep working a second job while you train for your new career.

You’ll Learn these Core Foundations:

Module 1: HVAC Electrical

In this module, the main focus is learning what everything is and what they do in relation to each other. We begin with theory, safety, and how to utilize tools and gauges. You will focus on electrical components, building circuits, and obtaining your EPA and First Aid certifications! This module sets the tone for everything else you’ll be learning.

This module is incredibly important for starting your career in the industry. We start at the most basic concepts and work our way to very complex systems. No experience required to learn with us! 

Module 2: AC Refrigeration

Learn everything you need to know in order to work with A/C systems during this section. You will be jumping into even more lab time in order to gain a full understanding of jobsite safety, the refer cycle, charging and recovery, subcool and superheat, gas, flue, and condensate, and much more!  

Here you’ll learn in depth how all of these intricate systems work. Our students spend 75% of their time in the classroom practicing these difficult skills so that by the end, they feel confident in themselves! 

Module 3: Install Practices

This module wraps it all together! Taking what you’ve learned from the other sections, you’ll see first-hand why we do things the way we do and the importance of following all the protocols. Duct work, sheetmetal, and Title 24 testing procedures are all major skills covered throughout this module. 

Within our Install Practices module, our students are honing in their skills, perfecting resumes, and finishing the course with valuable lab time.

What you gain from this 12 week Intro to HVAC course

EPA Certification

You can’t go far in this industry without it! Every student will go through EPA certification testing so that you complete the course with a full resume!

Real Job Experience

Your time spent in our classroom will give you real, genuine job experience. Between all of our lab work and classroom time, you will be ready to walk from graduation straight to the jobsite.

Light Diagnostic and Repair Skills

In each training module, you’ll learn how to identify various problems and repairs that can occur in your systems. Light diagnostics and simple repairs are often a part of our installation practice. 

Spend 75% Of Your Time In The Lab!

Throughout the course, you will spend 75% of your time working with your hands and gaining extensive practice. Get out of the classroom and learn the trade!

Be Jobsite ready in just


Get In, Get Out, Get Ahead

What makes our HVAC Training Classes so amazing?

Traditional HVAC trade schools over complicate the process with costly tuition and years of sitting in a classroom. With our curriculum, we focus on giving you the exact tools you need in order to succeed, without the long boring lectures! Learn the trade with hands-on practice and experience. In just 12 weeks, we will have you ready for work in a long lasting career! With our financial aid options, your HVAC training classes are always an affordable and attainable pathway to your exciting new career.

Join our HVAC classes today and create a stable, exciting future for yourself. No experience is required to learn with Joe Lewis! 

Why should you invest in HVAC Training?

The Heating and Air industry is a rapidly growing industry. You can take the information and skills you learn for this job and go anywhere that you want! Companies are very excited about hiring our students! We receive a constant flow of requests from employers eager to hire recent graduates as full time employees. Our entry level course is accessible for all students who are ready to learn, regardless of whether you have any experience in the industry!

In uncertain times, be certain with your career! Join an essential trade with plenty of work to go around! This industry will lead you to a fulfilling and stable job with amazing benefits. Invest in your future now!

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