Company Training

The Next Level Series for Companies is designed to provide your techs with the skills and training needed to bring them, and your company, to the next level. Whether your employees have been in the HVAC industry for a few months or a few years, our advanced HVAC training program can help your techs advance!

Our courses are broken down into 5 detailed topics. Each topic takes 1 week to learn and practice. You can sign your students up for any combination of topics and schedules. Let’s take your team to the Next Level!

Experience advanced hvac training for your staff at our hvac training school

The Joe Lewis HVAC Training School Difference


Joe has been in the industry for over 30 years. Our HVAC Training Center is completely designed around creating a new generation of technicians who know what it takes to work in the industry.


The best technicians have a deep understanding of how things work. When it come to installation and diagnostics, having a full, comprehensive understanding will make their work easier and more efficient.


We believe that the best way to learn is by doing. What separates us from other HVAC training schools, is our commitment to real-world experience. Students spend the majority of their time in our hands-on lab, practicing and working with the equipment.

Joe's Promise

Joe has worked with and hired many employees who came from various trades schools that fell short of being properly prepared. He knows what companies need and he knows how to get your employees there! Our commitment is to you and your employees success!

 5 weeks to get

To The Next Level

Joe has been on your side of the field. He owned and operated his own company for well over 20 years. Time and again, the largest struggle he faced was finding qualified, reliable employees who are ready and able to begin the work. Joe has hired graduates from trade schools and knows firsthand just what skills they are severely lacking in. Our purpose is to create the next great generation of technicians and installers through our advanced HVAC training classes that actually work! Whether you are looking for our graduates or you’re needing your team to get to that Next Level, we are here for you!

Advanced HVAC Training Topics

Each topic is 1-week in length

Refrigeration AC/HP

Learn how to better work with and repair common issues in the refrigeration cycle. Spend a week expanding your knowledge and testing your new skills. *Must be EPA Certified.

Electrical For HVAC

The root of many of your problems! Our Advanced HVAC training school will expand what you already know, to help you master how these complicated systems operate.

Heating Technology

Dedicate a whole week to learning how to better operate and diagnose furnaces and heaters. Cut back on your service call time through our HVAC training school!

Installation Technology

The root of many of your problems and issues associated with a system begin with the installation. Go back to the beginning and learn how to diagnose these common issues as it is installed.

Advanced Diagnostics

This topic covers advanced components and how to better diagnose less common problems. This week is pointed towards Advance Technicians who desire further training.

Learn More about Custom HVAC Classes

Do you have questions regarding our courses and how to enroll your team in our HVAC training school? Call our office to learn how we can help take your business and your techs to the next level!

We can also provide you with information regarding new students completing our introductory training courses. They graduate with all the hands-on skills you dream of when recruiting and hiring new installation techs.